Wedding Photo Basics

Your big day was perfect, your Uncle didn't get drunk and your best friend didn't cry about still being single. Last thing you need is to get your photos and realize they are horrible. So here are a few basic shots you can tell your photographer to capture.

1. Family Arrival

2. Wedding Decor

3. Reception Decor

4. Bride's Maids

5. Groomsmen

6. Flower Girl

7. Ring Bearer

8. Parents

9. Entrance of the ceremonial hall

10. Ceremony Official at the "alter"

11. Couples walking the isle

12. Groom walking the isle

13. Bride entrance and walking the isle

14. The giving away of the bride

15, Close up of marriage ceremony

16. Wide shot of crowd watching ceremony

17. Bride, Groom, Maids of honor, and Groomsmen

18. All parties exiting the ceremony.

19. Bride & Groom (Rice throwing is common but may vary by tradition).

20. So Long! The Bride & Groom driving off into the sunset.

Again, these are just the basics of what a photographer should capture. In the heat of all the people running around, the laughter, and all the great moments.... it is easy for a photographer to miss some. My advice is to hire a professional that knows how many photographers they'll need for your event. If you have 200 guests coming, one photographer is not going to be enough so be wary of photographers that only do it themselves. My rule of thumb is 1 photographer for every 50 people. This ensures we have adequate coverage and in the event of something going wrong, like a camera goes down, your event will not be completely lost. So take this list, add your own, and politely suggest it too your photographer. You'll thank me later.

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